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 The Friends of Holt Island are finalists in the Mick George Ltd Hunts “Skip of Gold” competition

COMMUNITY groups and sports clubs in Huntingdonshire have the chance to win £1,000 from local construction firm Mick George Ltd, as the company launches their annual ‘Skip of Gold’ competition.

We’re delighted that the Friends of Holt Island have been shortlisted as finalists - and we need your vote!  Please go to  to vote for us.

Voting is open from 27th March - 23rd April, 2019, and the winner will be announced on 1st May, 2019





Holt Island is an oasis of tranquillity in the centre of St Ives town. The Island provides a variety of habitats which attract a wide range of birds, mammals, plants and insects.


Holt Island


Formerly used to grow willow for basket-making, the Island became overgrown when this ended. This changed its appearance and attracted many different types of wildlife. Today the island is home to mammals such as voles, shrews, deer, badgers, bats and foxes. Plants such as yellow flag iris, purple loosestrife and comfrey thrive. Tortoiseshell, red admiral and peacock butterflies can be seen along with dragonflies and damselflies. And a huge variety of birds including kingfishers, warblers, and blackcaps can be seen. For more information about what you could see CLICK HERE.

The Island has a raised boardwalk, which makes the Reserve accessible to prams and wheelchairs, and there is plenty of seating, some with picnic tables. The Holt cabin, complete with bench seating, a nature table, books and children's activity sheets and displays is worth a visit. For more information to plan your visit CLICK HERE.

We have events and activities taking place throughout the season – see the links on our home page for more information.

For a downloadable information leaflet CLICK HERE.





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