Holt Island Bridge Update


Following the decision to rebuild the wooden bridge, work started at the beginning of August and progressed well, although some problems were encountered such as the decking that joined the bridge which also needed some replacement.

bridge update1 bridge update2 bridge update3
 Boards placed on bridge  Non-slip panels added  Boards fixed


It was decided to install a metal grid where the fan shaped boards had been. This involved cutting the metal grid to shape and then fixing it in place.

bridge update4 bridge update5 bridge update6
The grid in place Decking complete Part of handrail fixed


The work that then remained was to finish off the decking and refit the remaining hand rail. This work is ongoing and should be completed shortly.

At the same time the Island was being prepared for visitors with the grass being mowed and the vegetation being cut back from the sides of the boardwalk. Unfortunately the recent storms have brought down several branches from the willow trees which have also had to be removed.

Photos Julian Limentani