Holt Island Nature Reserve Annual General Meeting


Dear Friends,

Our Annual General Meeting was due to take place on July 29th this year, and as it is very difficult to know exactly what the situation will be regarding the COVID-19 virus by then, we have reluctantly decided that the best way forward is to ‘meet’ by email, or post for those who do not have email. We look forward to getting back to normal for 2021!


The first note will go out to Members on 20th June asking for nominations for the Committee. We must receive your nominations by July 1st. Please make sure that anyone you nominate confirms to us that they agree to be nominated.

On July 7th, our second note will be sent to Members. This note will include the Minutes from the 2019 AGM, the Annual Reports for 2019-2020, and the list of the nominees for the Committee. We must receive your votes for Committee Members and any questions arising from the reports, by July 15th.

On July 29th we will send out our final note giving detals of the selected committee members, including officers, and as far as possible the answers to any queries.

Helen Whatnell

Chair, Friends of Holt Island Nature Reserve