Photo Gallery Archive

These are a few photographs taken on Holt Island over the last few years. More recent photos can be found in Sightings & Reports.

Tree Creeper © Sue Limantani

All photos © Roy Allen

Autumn on Holt Island. The bird is a Garden Warbler © Nigel Sprowell

 As the season changes, ivy flowers flourish and attract the bees and rose hips lie in wait for the thrushes to arrive.  © Ian Jackson

We were delighted to find this candlesnuff fungus (also known as stag’s horn fungus) on Holt Island.  It gets it’s name from the way the white spores on the tips of the black fungal strands resemble melted wax on a snuffed candle.  It is common but frequently overlooked on rotting wood.  It’s Latin name is Xylaria hypoxylon. © Sue Limantani.

Seasons on Holt Island, photos © Roy Allen