The weather was warmer and sunnier than over the previous few weeks and with little wind.

With so many of this year’s fledglings now out and about this was a substantial catch with young Robins, Blackcaps, Treecreepers and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. The Garden Warbler was a female in breeding condition so hopefully there will be some fledglings on the Island soon.

The Great Tits outnumbered the Blue Tits significantly as the Great Tits fledged a week or so earlier than the Blue Tits which are fledging at present. We caught birds from all four of the boxes that had Great Tits on the Island, namely boxes 4, 8, 22 and 23. There was also a Blue Tit from box 12.

Both male and female Cuckoos were heard on the Island mainly at the reed bed end.

Damselflies and dragonflies

There were many Damselflies seen particularly Blue-tailed and Common Blue but also Azure and also lots of Banded Demoiselles. The only dragonfly seen was a Scarce Chaser.

photos © Julian and Sue Limentani

Left: Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker

Below: Adult Jackdaw