Warblers Caught on Holt Island 2020 – 2023

 The numbers of birds caught at any site can vary between years for a number of reasons, including weather effects; variations in effort that is put into catching the birds; long term climate change; vegetation changes and more recently the pandemic. Between 2020 and 2023 we have tried to keep the level of effort as constant as possible, but there were minor issues affecting this due to flooding and bad weather. The pandemic also had an effect on when we could or could not go out.

In 2023 wide strips were cut in the large reed bed at the western end of the Island linked by a path. This allowed us to put nets up in the middle of the reed bed for the first time. This resulted in an increase of the numbers of Reed and Sedge Warblers caught in the early part of the season. Later on, when the reeds grew back, it became too difficult to get in to this area.

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