How the The Holt was born

eSeveral years ago the Friends of Holt Island Nature Reserve realised that the island needed a permanent structure of some size the could be used for both storage and as a small classroom for visiting children to use. It was also important that this structure was built on stilts so that it would reman dry, even during the period parts of the island were flooded. So the concept of The Shed was born.

In November 2011 an application was made to Grantscape for funding to replace the old tool shed, our application was approved and we received funding from Woodford Community and Environment Fund. Work started in 2012 headed up by Paul Claydon our Huntingdonshire District Countryside Services Ranger.

Over a period of many months The Shed began to take shape as an enthusiastic team of volunteers worked to build a structure that would meet the needs of the nature reserve.

During the period of construction another, more suitable name was chosen and so The Shed became The Holt. Finally on 27th June 2013 The Holt was officially opened by the Chairman of The Huntingdon District Council Barbara Boddington and the Mayor of St Ives Nick Dibben.

Today The Holt is a valuable asset to the Holt Island Nature Reserve and is in constant use by the many visitors to the island. It serves as a valuable up-to-date information centre, housing colourful information boards, leaflets, a nature table, various informative book, a selection of puzzles and the very popular Activity Sheets which can be used by children as they explore the island. The inside of the Holt is an ideal area for school parties, youth and adult groups to use as a base when visiting the Reserve.

Photos updated today 15/5/2021